In a Spiritual Healing/Coaching session, Wendy will intuitively connect with you to guide you through the process of gaining the clarity you need to release adverse beliefs/experiences.  Each session involves customized coaching of the principles behind  the Spiritual Healing process, with the intent that you will be empowered to work through many, if not all, of the issues that will come up in your life.  The number of sessions required to learn this process varies greatly, and you decide when you are ready to learn more.


Wendy is available to conduct sessions both in the office 2180 E. 4500 S., Suite 135.  Holladay, UT.  84117, as well as via phone or Skype.

Session Fee

The session fee is $100 per hour.  Each session is timed and invoiced according to how long the session lasts.  Sessions may run anywhere between 15 minutes and two hours, depending on your personal needs and Wendy's availability.  Payment is due at the close of each session.  For in-office appointments, cash, check, and credit card payments are accepted.  For phone appointments, a PayPal link will be sent at the close of the session, payable upon receipt.  A session review will be emailed within 48 hours.

Cancellation Policy

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Clients cancelling less than 24 hours prior to the appointment time will be billed a $25 cancellation fee.

Scheduling an appointment

To schedule an appointment, please contact Wendy at, or send a text to (707) 322-3645.

Spiritual Healing Boot-Camp

Wendy offers a more concentrated Spiritual Healing training period that she has affectionately entitled Spiritual Healing Boot-Camp.   Spiritual Healing Boot-Camp is a two-week healing and training period that includes a total of 12 hours of session time (via phone) and daily support (email, text messaging).  Boot-Camp is intended to give clients more confidence in their abilities to use the spiritual healing process for themselves.  Boot-Camp can be very effective for individuals or couples that find themselves in an emotional crisis.  After Boot-Camp is finished, follow up sessions may be necessary, but they tend to be few and far between. 

The fee for Spiritual Healing Boot-Camp is $1,000 and is due prior to the first session.  

Spiritual Healing Boot-Camp is mainly done via telephone, but office sessions are also available for local clients.  Please contact Wendy at 707-322-3645 or to schedule boot-camp or to find out if Spiritual Healing Boot-Camp is right for you. 

Please read the following before participating in a Spiritual Healing Session with Wendy:

Legal Disclaimer  

 Spiritual Healing is complementary to healing art services licensed by the state.  Spiritual Healing is not licensed by the state.  Wendy Prusso is not a medical doctor nor a licensed physician nor a licensed psychologist nor a licensed psychotherapist.  Persons with psychological or physical illness that require a medical doctor or psychologist or psychotherapist should contact licensed practitioners.  Spiritual Healing is not to be confused with licensed psychotherapy. Spiritual Healing is different in that it is a method of working with spiritual energy of consciousness only. Wendy Prusso does not recommend the discontinuance of legend drugs or controlled substances prescribed by an appropriately licensed practitioner. 

Spiritual Healing works with nonphysical body energies, and thus may be unproven according to the FDS and AMA.  Therefore, no claims can be made or are made for its effectiveness or use for treating psychiatric or physical health problems. Spiritual Healing is not intended to be a substitute for appropriate medical care by a licensed physician. Terminology used in Spiritual Healing sessions/presentations in no way corresponds to medically labeled psychological or physical ailments, diseases, dysfunctions, or physical phenomena; and, terminology used only serves as labels for various kinds of nonphysical energy health.  Spiritual Healing is of a nonphysical energy and educational nature, only.

Spiritual Healing is based upon the theory that our beliefs are the basis of reality and that by clearing negative beliefs, reality can be improved.

Wendy Prusso has been and continues to be mentored by various intuitive spiritual teachers and has been practicing as a Spiritual Healer/Progression Coach for 12 years. 

Considering that meditation instruction is an activity which may involve physical, emotional and psychological activity and that in case of such an undertaking there is always a risk involved.  The student of meditation instruction understands that the instructor cannot always monitor his/her physical, emotional, and psychological limits, and that he/she is therefore responsible for assessing the risk any activity poses, and for choosing a safe course of action. 

Upon accessing this site, you acknowledge and accept full responsibility for any liability, loss, and high risks arising from use or in connection to this site, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Wendy Prusso and all parties associated with the site, or any redirection to another site. 

You seek Wendy Prusso’s Consultation work freely and of your own accord without coercion or duress and with full knowledge of the limitations of the services that she offers.  You take full responsibility for seeking appropriate mental, emotional, and health care for yourself.  If you have any symptoms, adverse reactions, or illness, it is your responsibility to seek the care of a trained medical practitioner of your choice. If you are consenting to the intuitive evaluation, consultation, or energy work as the legal guardian and caretaker for someone else, you are also advised to consult with a trained medical practitioner and your legal advisor before participating in any of Wendy Prusso’s intuitive suggestions.  Wendy Prusso’s intention in providing intuitive information is purely informational and not for medicinal or curative purposes and you take it as such. Her intuitive recommendations are not intended to prevent, diagnose, mitigate, or cure any illness or disease, or any emotional and or mental problems or personal problems.

There are no promises, warranties, or assurances of the success or the outcome of any of Wendy Prusso’s recommendations or Spiritual Healing.  You agree to hold Wendy Prusso and any of her representatives free from any liability, demands, claims, suits for damages for any injury or complications whatever may result from such recommendations and or Spiritual Healing and from any adverse reaction you may have to the Spiritual Healing, or to any intuitive recommendation.

 For Telephone Consultations and Spiritual Healing

You are of sound mind, and not under any mind altering drugs.  By reading this agreement, you acknowledge you are giving your informed consent and agree to it.  By seeking Wendy Prusso for Consultation and Spiritual Healing, you are in acceptance of this agreement and you know this document becomes a legally binding contract.



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