"Since meeting with Wendy two years ago we have experienced an incredible transformation--both as individuals and as a couple.  Wendy's ability to help us recognize the negative patterns that were impeding our progress has been extraordinary.  Her mentoring in teaching us how to cast aside those patterns and move forward has been liberating.  Both of us would say that we no longer see ourselves, our relationship, or the world around us in the same way.  Rather than feeling threatened by difficulties or frustrations that arise, we now see them as opportunities to learn, grow, and progress in ways that were not possible before.  The tools she provides to those she teaches are precious, as they have led us to a place in our lives where we now feel anything we desire is actually within reach."

S.O. & A.O.

"My experience with Wendy is one of overwhelming gratitude.  She has taught me to use truth in ways I had never before considered, completely opening my paradigm.  Her gift for imagery and practical application along with careful and deliberate training, have provided tools that have changed my life and have blessed the lives of my family and close friends.  I am grateful for the greater understanding that I have gained of myself and the liberating messages she has embedded in my heart.  I would describe the time I have spent with her as enriching and inspiring.  Ultimately, Wendy has taught me to recognize that I am capable of so  much more than I had previously imagined."


"The principles that Wendy teaches are simple to use, easy to understand, and have helped us to bring a sense of communication, love, and understanding into our  marriage.  We can now recognize when things are headed in the wrong direction and change them, even turn them around before they become problems.  We feel like we have been equipped with tools for building--and maintaining--a loving relationship."

C.D.  & E.D.

"Wendy Prusso has taught me so much about achieving inner peace.  I feel so empowered now to change my life, and to help those I love.  I am incredibly grateful for her insights, and wisdom, which have helped me to clean up my life from the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions which were preventing me from moving forward in life.  Thank you, Wendy!"


"Wendy Prusso has a gift.  Her intuitive nature has helped me to put into practice true principles that I have always known.  These principles she teaches can help when either partner in a marriage is unable to move forward due to the 'sticks in their spokes'.  These issues can be resolved in a way that creates love, deeper connection and the ability to progress together as a couple.  I have personally seen huge changes in my marriage and as an individual.  Thanks for sharing and helping us to move forward."


"Wendy is an extremely insightful and gifted spiritual healer.  She gave me a glimpse into the capability of my own spirit and is able to work miracles.  I would highly recommend her to anyone with a willing heart."


"My wife and I have been to a number of marriage counselors over the years, making little breakthroughs here and there, but never getting to the root of many of our issues.  Wendy worked with us individually as well as a couple.  We were able to get to the root of the problems and move beyond them.  This year we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and we owe so much of our happiness to Wendy and her wonderful methods;  methods that made us aware of the truth and how to truly change for the better."


"Wendy has many gifts, much knowledge about the ways we trip ourselves up, and many tools for helping us regain our footing.  I am so grateful for her talents and insights."


"Wendy thinks outside of the box and truly has a gift for empowering others.  My life has been blessed by knowing Wendy Prusso."


About Wendy

My journey to become a Spiritual Healer and Progression Coach began with my own quest for healing. I first turned for help to psychology, both as a patient and a student, in an attempt to overcome traumatic childhood events. With the help of my therapist, textbooks, and the self-help section of the bookstore, I learned valuable skills that raised my self-awareness, taught me to set appropriate boundaries, and enabled me to better cope with the challenges I faced. In spite of all the progress I had made, I continued to attract the same kinds of problems into my life. Eventually, my emotional baggage began to present itself in the form of physical ailments. I sought help from a variety of specialists, doctors, nutritional counselors, energy workers, and the like. Through this process I overcame a number of illnesses, many of which are often considered “incurable.”  A thyroid imbalance, fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, and poor vision were all healed. As I shared my story with others, people began to come to me for assistance in their own quests for healing. Mentored by some of the healers who had helped me, I began developing and sharing my own techniques. I now have clients spread throughout the country, and continue to see the benefits of spiritual growth in my own life, and in the well-being of my family.

By establishing an intuitive connection with my clients, I am able to assist them in gaining the clarity they need to recognize, and release adverse beliefs.  They are then able to attain the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing they seek. Part of my objective is to teach my clients the underlying principles of this process in order to empower them to work through many, if not all, of their problems themselves. My clients come from all walks of life and cover a wide spectrum of religious and philosophical backgrounds.

Today I live in Draper, UT with my husband, Caleb, and my three beautiful children.    The spiritual and physical benefits of this process have been invaluable in my life, in my marriage, and with my family.  It has kept our relationships strong, and our family healthy. I continue to enjoy increased growth, and spiritual awareness, which allows me to create and live the life I desire.

I have been working as a Spiritual Healer/Progression Coach for over 10 years and continue to be mentored by a variety of spiritual teachers. I am continually humbled when I see the progress of those I work with. I am available for individual healing sessions – in person or over the phone, and present a number of workshops for group settings.

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